(STILL GREAT PICTURES!) 2019 Modern Railroading, by Peter Crook

$15.95 $5.95

QUALITY PICTURES, BUT 2019. A railfan favorite photographer and videographer, Peter Crook shows us hard working railroad employees and equipment. Wonderful Photography and a RailfanDepot exclusive! This is a 12×10 wall calendar for those with limited wall space. Each month is inset into the picture – no more double spread. Special wire wall hanger included.

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Peter Crook has decades of experience photographing the rails, in the USA and all over the world! Here you’ll see 14 beautiful photos that show the might, majesty and hard work of the modern American railroad scene. You will truly delight as each month is turned over. Please note, this 12×10 wall calendar takes up less space than most. The calendar is an inset into each picture. You don’t need a wall space of 16 inches by 24 inches anymore!


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